Register for Online Trainings

The Officiency Online Training series is hosted by Latitude Learning, an e-Learning Management System, or LMS. To enter the Officiency LMS, you will first go to a log in page. If you are a returning user, then enter in your username or password. If you are a new user, then follow the directions below.

New Users Instructions

To create a new user profile, first go to the Login Page. Click the link that says "Create an account".

login screenshotFill out the required information. Important: For Client Code, enter the word PUBLIC.

Create a username and password. You can change your password at any time, once you have registered.

Enter the letters or digits in the security image and check the box to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

To finish, click submit.

You have now officially registered for the Officiency Online Training series. You can now use your username and password to log into the system immediately.

Note: We encourage you to watch the 'Getting Started' course which will explain the course format, key features and how to navigate throughout the trainings.

Training Registration

To register and pay for training, log in to your account.

For more details on purchasing trainings, click and download the PDF below.

In the course catalog, click on the training name of the training you wish to purchase.

Go to the first training in the series with a title of "Click here to pay for training".

Click on "purchase" and enter your credit card information.

Once payment has been approved, go back to the first training and click on "Launch". This enables you to have access to all the courses available in that training series.

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