Computer Organizing

computerWith over 95% of our data in electronic form, it is essential that we have effective, quick and easy computer systems to manage. Officiency provides the following electronic and computer organizing services. We can perform any of these services via remotely anywhere in the United States. Click to learn more about our remote sessions.

If you would like to become "paperless" and utilize your electronic systems more effectively and streamline your paper process, click to learn more about our Paperless Office services.

Organizing Electronic Files and Shared Drive Files

Electronic data is the heart of a company’s knowledge and information. It is vital to have that data well organized and easily accessible. In addition with the onset of the paperless office, it is important to have computer documents organized to minimize the need to print and save paper. We provide services that help individuals and organizations revise their electronic hard drive file structure. We also develop file and record management guidelines that will keep data management consistent and well maintained in the future. Read more about organizing department- or company-wide electronic and shared drive files.

Email Management

Today, the daily deluge of email takes the average worker between 1-2 hours to manage daily. It is vital for workers to learn ways to manage that daily overflow of email and maximize time. Officiency staff teaches workers how to manage email and utilize email software functionality (i.e. Outlook) more effectively. Officiency staff can also provide guidance on the protocol associated with email communication and instruct on ways to code subject lines for easy access and retrieval. The key is learning how to keep the in-box clean! Email services can be provided through one on one instruction or through group workshops and training.

Time, Task and Contact Management

With the deluge of information, it is important to be using some type of personal information management software such as Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, or Lotus Notes. Officiency are experts at helping workers utilize their productivity software to maximize its potential as a complete time, contact and information manager. By using personal information management software more fully your employees will become more efficient, productive and have easier access to information. By using these tools effectively they can dramatically increase productivity and efficiency. Services can be provided through one on one instruction or through group workshops and training. Read more about Outlook or Lotus Notes trainings.